DigiDyco specializes in the development of pragmatic digital applications for the clinical research sector.
Arco Information empowers DigiDyco in delivering these document and process driven e-solutions.

Catherine Hoet and Anne Dirix, both clinical research professionals, are the co-founders of DigiDyco. In their previous professional careers, they gathered practical experience in the life science sector, resulting in:
 “Life Science e-solutions by research professionals for research professionals

Catherine Hoet, Managing Director

“Since my start in the clinical research sector in 1996, I got the chance to work in different pharmaceutical companies and gained a practical, pragmatic and consequently clear view on the currently used processes. I am convinced that these clinical processes can be simplified to gain time and manpower. This idea was my driving force to start with the development of reliable applications that excel in simplicity and efficiency.”

Anne Dirix, General Director

During my career, I have been working mainly within the pharmaceutical sector and more specifically in clinical research. First I developed a broad experience as CRA. Later I became clinical operation manager at Astellas, where I contributed to increasing performance in clinical operations. When I became aware of the growing complexity, I realized  the pharmaceutical industry would benefit from simplified processes. This led me to a new professional challenge: designing practical and easy-to-use platforms for Life Sciences.”

By research professionals *** For research professionals