Dyco Flow is an interactive communication platform for the management clinical trials within the hospitals.  The application allows to centralize the submission requests through a single portal. 

The process of submission and approval is automated according the hospital way of working. 

The goal of Dyco Flow is 

  1. to centralize the document submission (flow) of new trials/amendments via e-platform
  2. ensure a continuous flow of the submission and approval of documents from the start up to the end of the study
  3. to guarantee study follow-up and reporting in a timely manner
  4. to control the user access and guarantee security
  5. optional: module for the management of study budget with follow-up of payments 
  6. optional: communication on the study progress (inclusions) via e-CRF connection.

Some specific features for Dyco Flow:

  • simple upload of newly available documents
  • restricted access for users : limited view of folders/time
  • visual control of the uploading process
  • global access to your study and documents
  • contract flow control 
  • digital signature possible
  • reporting tool

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